“No White People allowed” at Social Democratic Youth organization meeting

Swedish National TV have reported that the Stockholm chapter of the official Social Democratic Party Youth Organisation (SSU in Swedish) have organised an anti-Islamophobia meeting open only to people who are “racialized“. Basically saying, if you’re white, you’re not welcome.

The invitation, on Facebook and quoted as a screen cap in the SVT story says (in my own translation):

“Today, Islamophobia has spread to all parts of our society. The Chairman of Young Muslims of Sweden [Sw: Sveriges Unga Muslimer], Rashid Musa, is visiting to give a talk on Islamophobia in non-white societies and the forms it can take. […] NOTE! The event is organised by the Social Democrat Party Youth Organisation Separatist Network for racialzied [Sw: SSU Stockholms separatistiska nätverk för rasifierade] and is only for members and potential members of the network”

The somewhat awkward word “racialized” (Sw: rasifierad) apparently means “people who don’t have white skin” and its use appears to lump anybody else, who, having insufficiently pigmented skin, is put in a group that – solely on the basis of skin color – is said to be predisposed to all sorts of evil racism. The irony is quite striking!

Is this the beginnings of an official policy declaration by the Swedish Social Democrat Party that excluding someone from a group/meeting/network based on their skin pigmentation is now OK – as long as white people (sorry) non-racialized people are the target of such discrimination?

As you may be aware, the current Swedish Prime Minister, Mr. Stefan Löfgren is also the leader of the Social Democratic Party, so these guys are not exactly on the lunatic fringe…

It gets better

Digging a little bit deeper, there’s more. Turns out that the Chairman of Young Muslims of Sweden, Mr. Musa, has a history of using allegations of racism as a convenient conversation-killer and is very quick to dismiss any criticism of radical Islam on the basis that the very concept of “extremism” is being misused to silence his group. That could be true. Personally, I think the reason people criticize him & his group is their repeated affiliation with, and presentations by, hate preachers such as Kamal Al-Mekki who wants Sharia Law in the West and defends beheadings & slavery. Unfortunately, in Mr. Musa’s world, disagreement with his ideas or opinions can only have one cause: racism.

“No Whites”

The official Social Democratic Party Youth Organisation (SSU) website lists the “Separatist Network for Racified People” (Sw: Separatistisk nätverk för rasifierade”) and describes them (in my own translation) as:

“A Separate space where people who are ‘racialized’ in a society where whiteness is norm can speak in peace […] For those who identify as white, there are many other ways to engage and change.”

In other words, segregation is back – they have all but put up a sign saying “No Whites Welcome Here!”

I’d be very interested to hear if this story makes it out of Sweden; it’s not like it fits the prevailing narrative…


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Swedish nature is awesome

Before I get going on main purpose of this blog (I am still getting to grips with WordPress) here’s a quick thought on the Great Outdoors.

A in the woods

Nature. The abundance of space is one of the first things that strike you about Sweden. This time of year, Swedes seem obsessed with making the most of what remains of summer and there’s a lot going on in the woods; the Moose hunting season, a glut of wild blueberries and mushrooms plus all the fresh air you could wish for.

I came across naturkartan, a company which claims to be “Sweden’s best guide to the outdoors”. I don’t know if they’re the best, but their free Android/iPhone app is pretty good and lists many of the well-maintained hiking routes you find all over Sweden.

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In the Beginning

Another blogger! Yes, prodded by several of my Facebook friends, I have decided to start a blog because they seem to think I have something to say. The condensed version will (ultimately) be in the “About” section, but here’s the long story:

I was born in Sweden (sometime in the 1970’s) and found myself moving to Montgomery, Alabama in the USA in 1987. Having spent the time since – almost 30 years – away from Sweden, personal circumstances now dictate that I move back. To Sweden. Alone. After 30 years away. Did I mention I’m doing this on my own?

Fortunately, thanks to the foresight of my parents, I speak very passable Swedish (along with a couple of other European languages) so I’m not going in totally blind. However, I have no illusions about this being some kind of rose-tinted homecoming; to me, Sweden is a foreign country – I just happen to have a Swedish-sounding name, am able to speak the language and don’t look immediately “foreign”.

The reason my Facebook friends were (mis-?) led into thinking I have something to say about this is the enormous publicity Sweden has been getting back in the USA recently, through both the Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the Democrat Party primaries and, more recently, through the very high share of refugees accepted by Sweden. Bernie is said to have portrayed Sweden as a Social Democratic Utopia (although some disagreed) and the recent influx of refugees has been described, depending on the political standpoint of the speaker as good or bad.

Through this blog, I will write about my own – highly personal and not all objective, journalistic or otherwise relevant – experiences when arriving in Sweden as a recent immigrant, albeit one who speaks reasonable Swedish and could probably hide in a group of 5 or more Swedes without being spotted. Feel free to comment or ask questions, but, as my old homeroom History Teacher used to say: “Don’t say anything that will embarrass your mother or my children”.

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