This is a blog about my journey and my observations, thoughts and opinions related to  returning to Sweden after 30 years living in the USA and UK. I was prompted to start this blog because of the unprecedented interest – some positive, some negative – in Sweden’s welfare system, its politics and the very high percentage of refugees accepted by Sweden in 2014-2016.

Before you delve in, I should probably declare up front that I not only find myself agreeing most with Libertarian political ideas, but I am also a staunch stoic (Thanks Tim!) so if either of this offends you, please go find a safe space somewhere else.

The name of the blog, the “Opinion Corridor” refers to a the very Swedish concept of “acceptable ideas” and the expression serves as a good metaphor for how, in Swedish public (and, to a large extent, private) life there is a limit on what you can acceptably say and, therefore, think.

You see, the famous “Swedish Model” of consensus comes at a price and that price is, most often, free speech.